Asp.Net Project : Website Traffic Analyser Download

Types of Traffic Detectors

  • Inductive loops
  • Infrared
  • Video
  • Microwave
  • Acoustic
  • Magnetic
  • Radar
  • Radio frequency
  • Global positioning system (GPS)
  • Shares Of Detector Types at new ATMS Sites

Working of This Project

Presently the most new detector types are compatible with loop detectors.Using the loop detector speed of a vehicle can be estimated using the speed calculation algorithm.Now lets see the Traffic queue detection using Image Processing.
After getting the images of the vehicle, they get analyzed.The Parameters get measured are traffic volumes, speed, headways, inter vehicle gap, junction turning, origin and destination of traffic.

Stages Of Image Analysis

a. The Image Sensors Used

b. ADC Conversion

c. Pre-processing

Then the proposed picture is submitted to processor as 2-D array of numbers.

Two jobs to be done

a. Green light on

b. Red light on

Methods Of Vehicle detection

a. Background frame differencing

b. Inter frame differencing

c. Segmentation and classification

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